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Yonex Voltric 7 - Sports Arena

Yonex Voltric 7

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Voltric 7 is very similar in handling to Voltric 5 except for its weight.  This model does not get a lot of mention and is not marketed aggressively. However, this does not mean that you should keep it off your radar. 

Weight Category : 4U (84g - 87g)

Grip Classification: G4 (3 3/4 inches) 

The Good: 

- Great Handling : Cutting through the air will not require much of an effort on your end.

- Easy To Control: Rated very high for its ease of control. Follow-throughs will also be noticeably sharper because of ease of control.

- Quick Defense: Its lighter weight makes it a perfect racket for quick defense.

- Affordable Price: This is far from being the cheapest option but gives great value for your money 


If your an advanced player this might not be the best racket for you and would recommend you to explore the more powerful options like the Duora 88.