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yonex nanoray 50 fx badminton racket - Sports Arena

yonex nanoray 50 fx badminton racket

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Yonex nanoray 50 fx badminton racket comes with an affordable price, but it can deliver exceptional performance especially if light weight rackets suit you game style. 

This racket comes with a full-length bag

Weight Category : 5U (80g - 84.8 g)

Grip Classification: G4 (3 3/4 inches) 

The Good: 

- Great Handling : Cutting through the air will not require much of an effort on your end. The light weight of the racket enables faster movement. 

- Easy To Control: Rated high for its ease of control. Follow-throughs will also be noticeably sharper because of ease of control. Ideal for defense. 

- Affordable Price: This is far from being the cheapest option but gives great value for your money