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Yonex Astrox 22 - Sports Arena

Yonex Astrox 22 F - 63g super light

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Astrox 22 F is the lightest badminton frame produced by Yonex so far, at 63 grams. It is a head-heavy racket with a stiff shaft. This Yonex shuttle bat is perfect for smashing and precision control thanks to the stiff shaft!

ASTROX 22 LT racket features the newly introduced Rotational Generator System.


- Attack-oriented: Astrox rackets are built for attack. Serve as a massive advantage for those interested in taking the lead when playing in a high-speed game.

- Counterbalance: Applying counterbalance theory, weight is evenly distributed across the frame top, grip end and the joint to enjoy access to maximum control. This improves the recovery time so that you are quickly ready for the next shot after a smash. 


- This is a somewhat limited racket with very limited availability. 

 Note: The racket comes with strings, however, you can add your own strings. Please highlight the tension of the strings during checkout.