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Prince O3 Legacy 120 Tennis racket - Sports Arena

Prince O3 Legacy 120 Tennis racket

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The Prince O3 Legacy 120 Tennis racket blends the best of class comfort with ultra ease of access to power.

In addition to giving you a luxurious hitting area with a pleasant margin of error, the Prince O3 Legacy 120 Tennis racket comes with an extended length for leading momentum (power) at groundstrokes and serves. This Tennis racket is not only suitable for beginners or players with lighter strokes, but also great for anyone looking to improve their doubles game.

In addition to being upgraded with the AntiTorque System for outstanding stability, The Prince O3 Legacy 120 gives you the distinct advantage of O3 Technology, a unique design that virtually removes harsh vibrations. From the baseline, not only does this racquet feel secure as you redirect your opponent's speed, but it also provides truly outstanding comfort. Players with compact strokes will find simple depth, and there's a blistering pace on short swings.

At net and service returns, easy blocks produce penetrating depth, and the extra length is a blessing on the overheads and serves where you'll find extra power and uncomplicated net clearance.

The Prince O3 Legacy 120 is one of the best possible choices for a player who wants full comfort and strength.

 Key Advantages: 


Maximum comfort and Power

Greater Stability

Easy to handle

Easer net clearance 

 Head Size: 120IN / 774CM

Weight: 260G / 9.2OZ UNSTRUNG

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