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Yonex Duora - Z-Strike - Sports Arena

Yonex Duora - Z-Strike

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Duora Z-Strike is one of the best rackets in the badminton world right now! It is perfect for you if you place much value more on swiftness and versatility. This badminton racket is perfect for advanced players. It gives a huge forehand and quick backhand, something not all rackets can do. 

The Yonex Duora Z-strike racket offers brilliant shuttle control thanks to its comparatively small racket head (similar to the legendary Voltric Z-Force II) and has as super-hard racket shaft.

Weight Category: 3U (88g average)

Grip Classification: G4 (3 3/4 inches) 


Yonex Duora Z-Strike badminton racket features an even balance, that is, the head and frame have an equal mass that facilitates natural swinging and manipulation. 

The Good: 

- Huge forehands and quick backhands. 

- Excellent precision: The badminton racket offers you high power and precision

- Powerful Smash: It delivers a great smash that put the opponents out of their games. This is possible because of the flex, that is, stiff and rigid flexibility.

- This racket was used by Viktor Axelsen during the world champion of 2017!