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What to consider while buying a badminton racket - For Beginners

Posted by Sports Arena on

Buying a racket that complements your game can be a challenging task. With so many badminton rackets available in the market, it gets tricky.
Here's a list of some common mistakes that badminton players make:
- Buying a very expensive racket assuming it'll make their game better
- Going for the one their favourite player uses
- Blaming their racket for loosing a match
- Switching unnecessarily from one racket type to another 
We have composed a simple checklist to help you find the right badminton racket that suits your style.
Step 1: Define your game level 

For this article, we will stick to those who are new to Badminton. If you've started playing only in the past year, consider yourself a beginner! As a thumb rule, you can go for an intermediate racket, but vice-versa is not recommended.
Step 2: Define your game style
It is important to know your game style as your racket depends on it!
For beginners, it's better to consider a high flex racket. These rackets have a flexible shaft. How does this help? As a beginner, you might want to focus on footwork and reach. High flex rackets will give you the force required to send the shuttle to the other side.
Expect lower control unless the stringing is with higher tension, but it's something to worry for a later day.

Step 3: How much are you willing to spend 
Define what the budget for your racket is. It's worth investing in a good badminton racket! However, if there is only one thing you can buy, choose good badminton shoes over rackets! 
Some advice:
Badminton racket selection help
If you are a defensive badminton player, our recommendation: Nanoray 70 Dx 

However, if you are more of an attack player with a love for smashes, and speed is your forte, then Voltric series would be the perfect choice. Yonex Volric 5 fx is a good start. 

If you need a little more control and you're not exactly a beginner, or just about an intermediate player, then choose a more balanced racket. Our recommendation:  Yonex Duora 55, which is known for its speed and balance. 

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